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Easter 2013

Easter is one of my favorite holidays to photograph. The sweet little outfits that it seems every store releases for their spring collection -- gah! be still my heart. This is one of the few times a year that manufacturers seem to remember that parents of little boys like their little boys to be handsome, too. As a mother of three boys, I don't get to take advantage of all the poof and toile and ruffles and lace and pink and sparkle. But I do get newsboy hats and bowties and vests. And in an effort to stay semi-punkrock and let the boys be themselves, they get to wear Converse and new H&M army...

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So my computer crashed…

and I was offline for a short while. But I'm back in action to share these babies! It was a really warm day a few weeks ago, so we were outside getting as much of it as possible. It was great! It's hard to take pictures of baby Jude when I'm carrying him around, so none of him...and Graham wasn't home. But I was able to capture my middle children :)

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