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Is it spring or is it summer?

Today was among the most gorgeous of days I can remember. There didn't feel to be any humidity. The temperature could not have topped 85. The sun was glistening gold in a perfect sky of blue without any clouds. The only thing missing was Graham.

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One year older

July marks yet another monumental month of birthdays. In the last 10 days we celebrated all three boys' getting one year older. Jude turned 1 on July 4. Graham turned 9 on July 6. And Thurston turned 3 today, July 14. We partied hard yesterday to celebrate all three and I'm pretty sure everyone had an awesome time. ...and yes, that's my honey, fully-clothed, on the Slip and Side.

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What I’ve been doing lately…

I've been crazy busy lately, and here's what I've been doing!

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