Archive: February 2014 - alison e. curtis, photographer

Tuere & Calvin

Just let the beauty of this sink in for a little while.

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Thurston and Valentines Day

Sweet middle boy had his Valentines Day party at preschool. They were assigned the task of making a hat. Daddy came up with the idea to do this "man crown" and Thurston decorated it himself (after he had Mommy cut out the hearts). You can't see that he glued seashells and put Backyardigans stickers in the middle. Love this sweet face.

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A dog and her lacrosse balls.

Our youngest pup, Cannoli, has a thing for balls. And not just any type of balls, but LACROSSE BALLS. She goes crazy for them. Since her jaws are of the most powerful kind, she goes through toys and the "indestructible" Kongs like water. The times we've made the silly mistake of buying her these things, we leave for a few hours and come back to whatever it was in shredded shambles. SHAMBLES. SHREDDED. Messes everywhere. Until by accident eldest babe Graham left a lacrosse ball lying around. And she chewed it. And chewed it. And weeks later was still chewing it. IT WAS A MIRACLE. Eventually...

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