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Pumpkin patch { southern maryland photographer }

I asked my youngest babes to have their portraits taken, no command to "smile", no "cheese", just called their names individually in the mini-maze. The result? Well...

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wordless Wednesday {southern Maryland photographer}

...because TAKE ME BACK

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Holiday love

wordless wednesday (on thursday) {southern maryland photographer}

Thank you for being a friend {southern maryland photographer}

Manic Monday {southern maryland photographer}

my first second {southern maryland photographer}

In September, I second-ed the ever charming Bill Bauer of Bill Bauer Photography for the pre-wedding shots of Holly & Nick.  Holly & Nick are die-hard Baltimore sports fans (No, I didn't mention that I'm a Redskins fan and felt nauseous when I saw Ravens stuff hanging in their home... ;) ) and themed their wedding accordingly.  It was gorgeous.  And it gave me a great opportunity to do something I don't generally get to do, and that is devote time to the groom specifically.  Usually, all of my attention is put into the bride.  Instead, I got to meet some pretty cool guys.  And can we just...

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Introducing: Wordless Wednesdays {southern Maryland photographer}