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Stitch Fix #5 {southern maryland photographer}

And so today is one of my favorite days every month. My arrived today. And had we not needed to leave in only a few minutes for Graham's lacrosse game, I'd have checked out and posted this hours ago. Holly knocked it out of the park! Without further ado... Bancroft Leighton Metal Bauble Necklace ($34) Kept. How much fun is this little gem? Yea, kinda costly overall, but with a 25% Buy 5 Discount... Not to mention I'm pretty lazy about latches, and so the ability to slip this over my noggin and keep moving is an added invaluable bonus. 41Hawthorn Ackley Houndstooth Print Bouse ($68)....

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michael & kaylee *engaged* {southern maryland engagement photographer}

M&K {southern maryland engagement photographer}

Congrats, Michael & Kaylee!

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The only thing good about rain…

is this boy in this raincoat.

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HUGE news in Stitch Fix

This is not photography related, necessary, but something that is ever so exciting for you Moms-to-be now or in the near future! My favorite mail each month is my box. A personal stylist for only $20 and keep what you want, send back the rest. It's the greatest invention for lazy women that really don't like to shop any more. Quality products at affordable prices. Sigh.... Moving on. Though it won't benefit me ever ever ever again, has added MATERNITY styles! They have petite, too...but as a short woman, I never really had issues with the items they were shipping so that is less exciting....

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snow day #6 {southern maryland photographer}

Happy three year anniversary, little Cannoli girl. my poor little lavender plant.

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