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Stitch Fix Friday {southern maryland photographer}

So my favorite day for myself every month was yesterday! If you don't know about Stitch Fix, you're missing out! You can read about it in my prior blogs, but the short of it is: $20/mo for a personal stylist. Five items show up tailored to your online profile and through styles you post on a dedicated Pinterest board. Keep any or all of the five items. The $20 goes to the cost of anything you keep. You get 25% off if you keep all five. THE BEST. I have to just dive right in; this month was so good! So this totally cute box shows up at my doorstep. And inside of it is a stack of lovely...

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doTerra days are happy days {southern maryland photographer}

Yesterday, I received my doTerra essential oils order. I believe in the power of nature and what nature has to offer and use as many homeopathic remedies as possible. Yes, my family sometimes smells like hippies but we are healthy and strong and I am a firm believer that doTerra keeps us that way. If you're interested in how essential oils can help you, please visit my site: You can read, research, and order oils and accessories, and I highly recommend it! We started with the Family Physician kit and I've slowly added. My recent order was some replenishing,...

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Sweet Sonni Jo {southern maryland newborn photographer}

Be seated. Brace yourself. Because this is absolute CUTENESS OVERLOAD. Yep. This is cute. Can't handle this cuteness. Just one more, she says.... I just can't... And by now, I'm pretty much done. Put a fork in me.

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