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“November” Stitch Fix {southern maryland photographer}

My November fix arrived a few days early, so HAPPY HALLOWEEN to me :D The skinny on Stitch Fix, if you don't yet know: Sign up with my link to the left there. Answer a few questions about size, style, likes/dislikes. Schedule your fix. A fee of $20 is charged for the personal stylist to select your goodies. It ships and you get to have that Christmas-like feeling as often or as sporadically as you please. There are five items you try on and keep what you want (that $20 applies to anything you keep!) and return what you don't. If you get a 5/5, you get 25% off to keep it all. Shipping is free...

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My friend Connor {southern maryland portrait photographer}

It's always a pleasure to work with Mr. Connor. He's such a ham.

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K family {southern maryland portrait photographer}

Timmy is a senior graduating this year, and both of us were having more fun with his senior shots than we should have! Seriously, they're perfect.

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SJ’s first Halloween {southern maryland photographer}

October doTERRA {southern maryland photographer}

I love when I get boxes in the mail, whether they are my so fun Stitch Fix or an Amazon Pantry order of laundry detergent, or my doTERRA, doesn't matter which one! This month's doTERRA did not disappoint. I ordered some new items not yet in my arsenal, and also stocked up on some goodies that need regular replenishment! Without further ado, here are the doTERRA items for the month of October. If you could use some essential oils for your own health and well-being, give me a shout!

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G family {southern Maryland family photographer}

I got to hang with this cutie today.

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October Stitch Fix {southern maryland photographer}

I can't believe this is my TWELFTH Stitch Fix! So, here's the short of it, in case you've missed the prior posts! Go to Stitch Fix! and sign up by filling out a series of questions (size, style preferences, etc.). There is a fee of $20 to get your box shipped. Try on the five items; keep what you like and get the $20 applied to that. Return what you don't. Keep all five and save 25%. So much awesomeness and fun! Without further ado: "The Stack" It's always so pretty when I unload, all of the textures and the colors. And this one delivers, per Holly's usual. The Style Cards are always...

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