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when the moon is aglow and the stars are a’twinklin’

happy valentine’s day {southern maryland photographer}

February Stitch Fix {southern maryland photographer}

It's that time of month again. No, not that one, the one that is AWESOME! To get an idea of what this Stitch Fix stuff is, read through the other posts. Really, this one is too good to delay! Oh, "the stack". She looks so lovely in her tissue paper. I just want to dive right in. To start: In most of the pictures you'll see me wearing the Zad Evina Spade Fringe Pendant Necklace. I loved it straight out of the box. it's antique gold and pretty perfectly matches the Zad cuff from a few fixes ago. Here I've paired the Zad necklace with the Crescent Marele Pleat Detail Blouse. I love the fuschia...

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