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July Stitch Fix {southern maryland lifestyle photographer}

Another episode of Stitchmas is here. To start, let's cover what Stitch Fix is, in case you aren't quite aware! However frequently you desire (monthly, quarterly, annually, as needed, etc), you schedule a FIX by visiting Stitch Fix, answering some questions to determine your "style profile" and then selecting the date for your fix to ship. When your box arrives, it will contain five hand selected items from your personal stylist. In the comfort of your own home, you try on the five items. Keep what you want. The $20 you are charged to have your Fix ship is a credit to anything you keep. Send...

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Snore and Roar

Since we are members of FONZ, we get some pretty sweet perks.  The annual membership, to me, is worth the 'free' parking when we go to the zoo.  So Saturday night, we camped at the zoo.  You read that right.  Tent, us, zoo, all at once. It's not like there are more reasons needed to want to camp at the zoo besides, you know, camping at the freakin' zoo. But somehow it does get better. We selected the Cheetah Conservation option and it did not disappoint. We got to meet the Cheetahs. Not super up close, like we haven't touched cheetah, but we were verrrrrrrrrrrry close. Of particular interest...

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