Stitch Fix

August Stitch Fix {southern maryland lifestyle photographer}

Ya’ll, it’s Stitch Fix time again! This month I asked just for summer stuff. It’s still over 90 every day here so I’m definitely not mentally prepared for layers and sleeves.
I’ve beat the nail well into the ground, but for review on what exactly Stitch Fix is – sign up via Stitch Fix. SCHEDULE YOUR VERY OWN PERSONAL CHRISTMAS
Sit back and wait.
You are charged $20 when the Fix ships. That $20 goes to anything you keep in the box, so it’s not just a service charge, which is pretty amazing if you ask me. If you keep all 5 of the items contained in each box, you get 25% off of the entire box!

Let’s get into the box:
SMALL stack

My eyes are first drawn to the brown and coral floral and I’m wondering to myself “what in the name of God is that?” and NOT with positive connotation!
Turns out it’s the Gilli Kamile 2fer Faux Suede Knit Dress
I’ve paired it with the Bay to Baubles Whitmore Bauble Stone Collar Necklace as suggested by my killer stylist, Holly.
SMALL gilli bay
It’s interesting what this does to my already over-sized derriere…
SMALL gilli
I don’t know how I feel about this yet. I put on these Guess wedges that my mom just gave me the other day because she’s not worn them in the three years she’s owned them (SCORE!) and I feel like I like it. But then I feel like I don’t. I’m still undecided on this. The necklace I love – so much so that I already have one almost identical to it in my wardrobe! ha

Next up is the Collective Concepts Paddio Lace Inset Blouse which I’ve paired with the Renee C Lidia Printed Swing Skirt.
SMALL reene cc
The skirt is wonderful. I love the print and the feel and the cut. It’s a little heavier than I’d like for August in MD, but it’ll transition easier to fall, and I do need to think that way even if my brain can’t grasp the concept based on current thermometer readings! And my favorite color is blue, so …The shirt is nice. I like the collar and I love the lace inset, totally my style. Problem? It’s a petite. What does it specifically say in my ‘notes’ in my style profile? NO PETITE TOPS (and also no more boyfriend jeans, for the love of God, I look awful in them!). I’m not a petite. I’m short, but I have nothing petite about me otherwise. So for FIFTY EIGHT DOLLARS for a shirt, I really want it to fit. Even with the 25% potential discount. I’m just kinda peeved by the sizing issue.

I think I’ll let that slide, though, because of the
Loveappella Denzi Raglan Knit Top
SOLD. I mean, stripes and floral and blue and amazing fabric?! YES PLEASE. This screams football season to me. I can still feel feminine but won’t be that embarrassing mom. Even Gustav approves!
SMALL denzi

SMALL receipt
SMALL cards
Another stellar box by my girl, Holly. I’m always excited to receive my boxes, and always pleasantly surprised by at least one item, so it’s worth it for me each and every month!