About Us

We are located in Southern Maryland and are available in all of Maryland, the District of Columbia, and some parts of Virginia and began operations in 2005.

Hey there! I’m alison – with one L. My boys *oh my stars my boys*. I have three, and they are my moon and stars and all of the atmosphere in between. Not to mention my superhero husband *swoons*. Our house is always a-buzz with excitement, between those boys and my three fur-babies. Love. I’m surrounded by love. I love classic. I love timeless. I love photographs. LOVE them. I love watching cheesy movies and learning the lines and repeating them, over and over and over again. Coffee keeps me alive, I think. Coffee and candy…and cupcakes. Coffee and candy and cupcakes …and cookies. Let’s face it, I’m a sucker for baked goods of just about any kind.

I graduated from the Catholic University of America eons ago with a Bachelor’s in English Literature. Photography wasn’t a major at the time (let me age myself: we did not have digital DSLR cameras yet!), so I took the courses offered at the time. I worked at Ritz Camera. I felt like I really had a grasp on the whole photography-thing and so I went public. Those early years were such a learning experience. Many, many gorgeous photographs came from that time as I learned and grew and really developed a style. And after more than a decade I’m here. I feel comfortable here. And I’m so honored and happy that you’re here and I can’t wait to make you cry. A good, happy, “this is so beautiful” cry. That’s what I want. I want happy tears.


Wedding photographer