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April Stitch Fix {southern maryland lifestyle photographer}

It’s my most favorite day of the month, Stitch Fix day!
The basics:
Visit Stitch Fix
Answer a super easy style profile
Schedule your fix!
When your fix ships, you are charged $20.
You receive your box (it’s like Christmas!)
Try everything on in the comfort of your own home
Keep what you want (that $20 goes to these items!) and return the rest
Free shipping both ways.

Do you see what I see peeking out of the box!?!?! That’s right, I GOT SHOES!

How adorable is this top? This is the Collective Concepts Darcee Blouse. I am not typically a fan of the peplum because they are either overly fitted up top or just too wide at the waist, and I don’t need to draw any more attention to my derriere. This one is what I like to call flouncy. It’s flowy and whispy. And the sleeves are amazing – they’re like half sleeves, in between short and three quarter. The pattern on this is so cute, too! Nothing bad about it…except it’s dry clean only 🙁 I hate going to the dry cleaner.

rahn front
I had this Fun2Fun Rahn Henley Blouse on my Pinterest inspiration board after seeing it on a fellow blogger. I’m so glad Holly found it for me! Wait for it….

rahn back
LOOK AT THE SPLIT BACK! So much love for this little blouse! It’s sheer, so will be great for the (hopefully coming soon) warm spring and can easily be put under a blazer to be a little more work appropriate.

izzi kensie
I also had pinned a lovely blouse from Stitch Fix‘s blog and unfortunately my stylist, Holly, couldn’t find it for me. However, she sent this little ditty, the Collective Concepts Izzi Tie Waist Blouse. My husband, sweet man that he is, told me I look like an old school marm. Very sweet of him. My eldest told me he didn’t like it, but “I don’t like half of what you wear anyway”. I didn’t bother even asking the other two. I think this is great. It’ll be nice with a pencil skirt, but think it looks good under a blazer. Oh, and then there’s this little awesomeness:
izzi back
Love the little detail on the back.

I’ve saved the best for last!
melynda bale
This is a two-for-one. I’m bloating out in the Adrianna Papell Melynda Ponte Dress that’s lovely and wonderful and a great dress. Many things are great about this (I just can’t think of them right now because I’m distracted by my belly 🙁 ). It’s dry clean only so that’s kinda meh. But I can take it when I take the peplum. But look lower to the FFC New York Bale D’Orsay Polka Dot Flats. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I have seen these floating around the Stitch Fix blog circuit and DYING to get my hands (feet?) on them. I wore them immediately. They were slightly snug at first but almost too quickly became too big. The heel kinda folded back and now they’re huge. And I’m bummed. I freakin’ love these shoes, so I’ll probably pretend like they fit until they fall apart, and just kinda flip-flop around in them.

So that’s that! April was a fantastic, fantastic month, another 5/5 from Holly who is the BEES KNEES and if she ever leaves me I may just track her down and …ask her what to wear!

Go join Stitch Fix. Seriously. Just go do it. You’ll be so glad you did.