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December Stitch Fix {southern maryland lifestyle photographer}

Another month, another Stitch Fix

I took a few months off because we moved. And my husband got a fix in between. I’m insanely behind on blogging because we moved. And I had family sessions. And just realized my cousin’s Halloween pictures are sitting waiting for me to work on them OMG!

Anyway, here is my December review:
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The wrapping is actually silver, it’s just that my insanely teal walls are reflecting crazy hardcore on the paper, flash or none, since it’s metallic. So cute. Peep the sticker? SO.CUTE.

Holly delivered a 5/5 yet a-damn-gain.
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In this picture is a three-for. I’m wearing the Market & Spruce Ryne Pointelle Detail Pullover, Bay to Baubles Webber Filigree Stretch Bracelet, and the Liverpool Anita Skinny Pant. Let’s talk about how adorable Holly is to call this sweater “cozy and warm”. I always get a kick out of the cuteness with what is warm in CA versus MD (it was 25F when my fix arrived Saturday…) It IS cozy, and darling, and fits perfect. Gotta just be careful of the snags from nearly everything with edges. The bracelet — I wore it Saturday night to a party as I quickly unboxed, perused, said “Yep, that’s a keeper” and instantly removed the tag. I tried on the rest on Sunday. I specifically requested a pair of ‘non-denim olive skinnies’ for these very booties. I am not supposed to wear jeans to work, but also they don’t tuck as easily as these, and my other olive pants are slacks aka no booties. This is the perfect outfit for days when I don’t have any appointments with clients. Keeping all three.

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While I changed, this little cutie took the remote and some self-portraits. There were about three dozen of them. I’m dying at his adorable little face.
Remember when I said we just moved? The house is still a wreck, all in disarray. I shouldn’t say that. We haven’t unboxed everything or found a place for everything yet so this particular (and excessively ugly orange room with tops of walls we can’t reach thus haven’t painted yet….) room is a little clustered. Add a tree to that mix, and here is what you get!

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My face is completely unacceptable in all of these images, thus the logo atop it. I loved this dress as soon as I saw it. PERFECT colors for the season. This is the London Times Bridie Knit Dress and the Skies are Blue Raja Collarless Blazer. Now this blazer, I pinned the mustard version. I needed and wanted the mustard version. I love this burgundy version, but with a purple ruffled blazer already in my closet… I justified the fact that they aren’t the same brand or the same color, and then the 25% off made it worth keeping. Really wish it was mustard (would go with this dress, too!).

So there we have it. Another 5/5, another month where I need to adjust my budget to afford new clothes, hooray!

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