Stitch Fix

December Stitch Fix {southern maryland photographer}

It’s early, it’s early!
My December fix arrived, and let’s just suffice it to say, I LOVE IT!
I’ll rehash what Stitch Fix is/does at the bottom because it’s too good, I have to just dive right in!
Zad Theroux Arrow Relief Cuff
I’ve posted something similar to this on my Pinterest board and this is just awesome. I had no qualms adding this right to my collection.

Margaret M Christiana Printed Pencil Skirt
I have begged and begged for another skirt, and Holly just can’t get her hands on it. (Yet. I have hope, Holly!) So she sent this for me as a place holder. And I do like it. It’s olive, so this just about is the last piece of olive ‘something’ I needed in my wardrobe. And it fits like a dream. I was glad to see that she sent it in a petite because the standard length would have been too long. So this is hanging in my closet now.

Holly suggested that I pair the skirt with the Fate Harry Lace Back Pullover Sweater and I think that was a great suggestion. I’m looking forward to wearing this sweater with everything – skirts, jeans, leggings, pajamas, Bonbons… Needless to say I had to have this.
skirt fate
(I put some tissue paper behind the lace here so it’s a little more visible)

The Skies are Blue Donatella Striped Pullover Sweater was also included. This is what appears to be your more basic awesome supple butter sweater [standard texture, it seems, for everything that Stitch Fix carries!]. But then there’s this little cuteness in the back.
skies on
The ribbon down the back is so adorable to me. I don’t know what that kind of stuff gets me! It’s not on the front, just the little cute detail on the back. Much easier to see, even, after I get 12 inches of hair cut off…hopefully soon! #locksoflove

So last, but certainly not least, was the Muse Aldora Dress.
It’s the most delicious cobalt blue you could ever ask on a delightful lace setting. There’s the most subtle of keyhole openings in the back. I peeked after getting my shipment notification and, honestly, was so pissed off at the price tag that I immediately texted my girlfriend -the one that was so kind to turn me on to Stitch Fix and cursed the price tag. I’m glad I didn’t let that stop me because OH. MY. GOD. Yea, I’ll be wearing this.
It fits like a dream. And the blue. I just can’t get over it. It’s so delicate, I’m super nervous about snags (read: small male children and animal companions like shown above). But I’d only wear on special occasions and so I feel a little less nervous about that.
fate on
Like a dream, I tell you.
Also, Gustav approves!
And so that’s December. It’s another home run except more like a grand slam because bases are so loaded! So glad to have Holly because she totally gets me!
Until January.
PS. The nutshell that is Stitch Fix.
Click on the link above (they give me a credit to refer you, so that’s super awesome if you go about it that way and I thank you and I love you!)
Fill out what they call your “Style Profile”. It’s some questions on sizes, things you like and don’t like, rating examples of clothing styles, budget, casual vs. dressier options, etc. Pretty basic and easily enough answered, should take you about 7-10 minutes. After you run through that, select a date to have it shipped (Go with whatever is the first available; you’re welcome). You’ll receive a notice right before your stylist is in the process of selecting items so you can leave her a note. Have an upcoming event? Tell her. Need something specific? Make a request. A few days after, she selects five items for you based on the above data provided her. You are charged $20. In a few days (you’ll barely be able to sleep), it arrives on your doorstep. You have three days to try on everything, see what works and what doesn’t. You keep what you want – the $20 is applied to your balance of whatever is kept. You return, in the postage-prepaid envelope, whatever is left (if you have anything left). You only pay for what you keep, but again, that $20 comes right off of the top so there’s nearly no risk! Their goal is for you to like 1 or 2 things, so if you get a grand slam like me, then it’s just a super awesome bonus!