Do I get all of my digitals?
The short answer is NO, just by hiring me, you are not provided digital images of any sort. If you opt to purchase the digital files, they will be released to you either via thumb drive or unlocked on your personal online viewing gallery for a one-time download per image. Under no circumstance are you merely gifted the images, which are above the time and talent of the session or event.

I’m the one in the photos; don’t I get the copyright?
No. Federal Copyright Law grants ownership of the copyright to the person(s) that created the work. Just as a painting of you doesn’t grant you copyright, a photograph is in fact a work of art and no copyright, expressed or implied, transfers to you just by virtue of your presence within said work of art.

Do you get a meal at our wedding?
Because most weddings have coverage of 6-8 hours, the contract does call for a meal. It does not have to be the full plated dish you may be serving your guest; a “vendor meal” is completely acceptable. And some water, a few bottles or access to a glass and water supply.

Can I have one of the photos to use as my social media profile photo?
Maybe. If the image you want to use is posted on one of my social media outlets AND has my copyright on it, then yes. If you have PURCHASED the limited release of that digital file, then yes. If you are snapping a quick screen shot of the image from the online viewing gallery provided to you, you are infringing on the copyright.

What does the session fee include?
The session fee includes our consult(s). It includes the time spent traveling to and fro your destination. It includes the time spent with you photographing you. It includes backing up your images to they aren’t lost to a computer crash. It includes sorting through your images to select from the vast number of them the very, very best images from our session. It includes editing, one by one, each of the “keepers”. It includes uploading your images to the online viewing gallery. It includes taking further calls or emails from you to assist through the order process.