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February Stitch Fix {southern maryland photographer}

It’s that time of month again. No, not that one, the one that is AWESOME!

To get an idea of what this Stitch Fix stuff is, read through the other posts. Really, this one is too good to delay!


Oh, “the stack”. She looks so lovely in her tissue paper. I just want to dive right in.

To start:
In most of the pictures you’ll see me wearing the Zad Evina Spade Fringe Pendant Necklace. I loved it straight out of the box. it’s antique gold and pretty perfectly matches the Zad cuff from a few fixes ago.

Here I’ve paired the Zad necklace with the Crescent Marele Pleat Detail Blouse. I love the fuschia color — I owned nothing fuschia so that was great to see. It’s almost too transparent for my liking, so I went ahead and left the cami I was already wearing on as well as my Kensie skinnies. Love.

I thought it would also look totally cute with the 41Hawthorn Walt Skirt and I’m pretty glad I listened to myself.
So here’s the thing about this skirt. It’s completely adorable and I love it. I love it so much that I have it’s near identical twin already in my closet (two months in a row Holly sent me dupes she didn’t know I own, further proof that she is my styling soul mate!).
skirt two of em
(and my eldest is annoying and interrupting and providing no useful feedback or assistance with his finger!)

Totally in love with the top and the necklace. On the fence with the skirt. Keep reading to find out why! 🙂

The 41Hawthorn Roswon Colorblock Striped Sweater is something I’ve seen on other Stitch Fix blogs around the interwebs. And I really wanted it! I am just not sure on this particular color scheme. I’ve seen a handful and this one is my least favorite, so I am on the fence about this one.
sweater poetic
Also, this sweater makes me a very deep thinker.

So my favorite piece in the entire box is the Alice Blue Lucio Henley Blouse, dubbed gray by the style card, but it’s clearly a multi-colored beauty. The cut and color are so adorable. It’s 100% opaque, so no option to throw a cami underneath; definite requirement. But the catch is that this weight-training has my arms so super buff that I can’t wear it comfortably. 🙁 I have emailed customer service and so pending a size exchange I will have to sadly send this one back to headquarters. And with it a piece of my fashion heart (which, thanks to Stitch Fix, I didn’t know I had a year + ago!).
lucida 2

<3 I love this top. I hope they have a medium to swap for me! And so the skirt: If I fall in love with the sweater in the next three (or more, pending CS return email) days, then the skirt will cost $7.50 because of the 25% off to keep all five. I can justify twins for $7.50. What do you think? Am I picking the right pieces? How would you style them? (I just realized I never looked at the style cards, holy moly!)