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January stitch fix {southern maryland lifestyle photographer}

In case you’ve been under a rock for the last few months, I am so in love with Stitch Fix. You can read the full description if necessary, but here’s the short:
Go to Stitch Fix
Answer some personality/style and size questions.
Schedule your shipment.
You get charged $20 when your PERSONAL STYLIST selects five items. It ships. It arrives. You try on and keep what you want ($20 goes to that!) and return what you don’t.

So, without further ado:
This goodness arrived today. I was so peeved I couldn’t leave work and come home for a Stitch Fix lunch. But hubby had it inside for me when I got home with my caravan of children. SO PROMISING!

gilli collective first
So here we have the Gilli Abriana Textured Pencil Skirt and the Collective Concepts Farma V-Neck Blouse. And I LOVE both of them. The issue with the skirt is that it’s twin, okay maybe more like a sibling or cousin?, is hanging in my closet. I love that one, too. The shirt is AMAZINGLY colorful. But guess what I’m not? That’s right. Petite.
gilli collective It’s like a crop top. Unfortunately, per the rolls you can see here (children plus my affinity for candy & baked goods) the shirt won’t work for me. So unfortunately both of these have to be returned.

gilli papermoon
Another super gorgeous combination is the Gilli Jasmine Printed Pencil Skirt and the Papermoon Palo Sheer Inset Blouse. This skirt is TO.DIE.FOR. and is unlike anything in my closet. Easy keeper. Even Thurston exclaimed “Mom, you look beautiful!”. But again, with the shirt, I’m not a petite. So it’s a crop and somehow tight on my chest (which is really all courtesy of Victorias Secret). So I’ll have to send the top back. 🙁

Lastly is the Market & Spruce Alan French Terry Asymmetrical Zip Cardigan. It’s soft and lovely and I thoroughly enjoy the gray color. Gustav was happy to join in on the photo, but unfortunately I don’t like the way this fits me. At all. So sadly I have to send it back.

So this month is the first 1/5 I’ve had in a year! Still quite pleased with the one piece I will be keeping — and I have ideas on what to pair with it based on the green & blue tops that I WISH FIT ME.

Request Holly, folks. She’s rad.