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“November” Stitch Fix {southern maryland photographer}

My November fix arrived a few days early, so HAPPY HALLOWEEN to me 😀

The skinny on Stitch Fix, if you don’t yet know: Sign up with my link to the left there. Answer a few questions about size, style, likes/dislikes. Schedule your fix. A fee of $20 is charged for the personal stylist to select your goodies. It ships and you get to have that Christmas-like feeling as often or as sporadically as you please. There are five items you try on and keep what you want (that $20 applies to anything you keep!) and return what you don’t. If you get a 5/5, you get 25% off to keep it all. Shipping is free both ways. Without further ado…

Liverpool Loren Bootcut Jean
So, the last thing in life I need right now is more jeans. I’m sure there are other women who can relate. But I try on everything in the box, because duh. And these fit like a DREAM. The only problem is that they are about six inches too long. And while a skinny jean is easily fixed with a cuff or a new hemline, the same cannot be said for a bootcut. I’m still on the fence with them, though, because maybe if the heel is tall enough…

Market & Spruce Margerie Stripe & Dot Open Cardigan
Swoon. I’ve seen this all over the internet on so many lucky ladies so I was super stoked when Holly was able to score this for me! I’m wearing it right now! It’s soft and cute and wonderful and I am so happy that she is mine!

Gilli Kamile Jersey Ruched Detail Dress
This month I had one request: something to wear to an outdoor wedding that I am photographing in November — so I needed something that is versatile enough to be adorable, warm (tights/leggings and boots/booties) and still look professional. This dress fits that bill! It’s long on me since I’m short, so I can still bend and twist and contort to get all those bad ass angles, and I can take off my jacket inside when I’m inevitably sweaty (can you believe that after more than a decade of doing this, I still get nervous at every single shoot/event!??!). And the ruched detailing in the middle is just enough for the twenty…or one?… pieces of cake. NOT TO MENTION that it’s olive and that is my new favorite neutral! YES.

BRIXON IVY Jarred Lace Detail Cap-Sleeve Blouse
Another swoon for the win! This I’ve seen only in royal blue before and I fell in love. But black? Yes. Yes to black. I hope we get a few warm-ish days in the next few weeks so I don’t have to put a layer of this because, really?, the point of this is to expose the shoulders. It’ll get plenty of wear eventually, just may have to set it on the shelf for a little bit!

And last, but definitely not least, the
Fun2Fun Kittridge Lace Detail Blouse
Another show-stopper here people. I can see this for a Christmas party this winter…if I happen to go to any I guess, haha! See: above. The hunter green is very fall, but I think with light/white bottoms it’ll transition into spring and maybe even summer. And so, another YES.

One last sleeve-swoon: