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Stitch Fix #6 {southern Maryland photographer}

One of the things I look most forward to is receiving my monthly StitchFix and this month was no different.

Here’s how it works
You go to StitchFix to sign up. Answer some questions about style, size, body type, budget, etc. Then schedule your first fix! You will be charged a $20 “Styling Fee” for this service. Your personal stylist then picks five items based on your answers and ships them to you. You have three days to try on everything, match it with items already in your wardrobe (these aren’t outfits, but staple pieces to build a better wardrobe), and make a decision on them. If you keep all five, you get 25% off, which has worked out well for me the majority of my times. The $20 is applied towards anything you keep. You can have fixes sent as regularly or infrequently as you choose.

Without further ado…
They show up in cute packaging.
box 1

And then you open this little piece of heaven. My theme this month must have been black and white. Which is on point for me!

Octavia Henry Birds on a Branch Infinity Scarf $28
Super cute print. Little birdies on a line. Totally cute. The size though? It’s as large as my window’s shade. It swallowed me nearly whole.
scarf 2
Because of how huge it was, I just couldn’t work with it. I LOVED the scarf aside from the size. But legitimately it was large enough for me to use as a beach towel.

Margaret M Emer High Wasted Cropped Trousers $98
I was not excited about the cost of these pants when I was stupid and looked at what was coming. But I decided to just see what they were because I specifically requested some nice work slacks. And they fit the bill. Unfortunately for me, they were bunchy in the knees and the ankles despite the “skinny” fit, and they were too big on my waist.
And so they were returned.

41Hawthorn Ivy Grid Print Tab-Sleeve Blouse $68
Gah, this shirt. Everything that I’m sent made by 41Hawthorn fits, and I think it’s a proprietary brand because I can’t find their stuff anywhere in stores or online for purchase. Perfect fit, perfect print for me, the buttons for the folds are so great and versatile and it looked like it was see-through but that was deceiving as you can’t see through the fabric somehow.
Unfortunately there was a snag in the back. I asked eldest son if he noticed, and he did, right off the bat. He doesn’t notice much. The black thread is pulling into the cream and for $68, I only want snags that I’ve put there myself. Very unhappily returned.

Collective Concepts Phelan Blouse $68
I really really really liked this shirt. Even after husband and kids told me “that’s nice” in that tone where they don’t want to hurt your feelings, but they definitely didn’t think it was all that nice. And then I tried to hug littlest son and couldn’t get my arms around him. I have broad manly shoulders, I guess, and it was made for dainty ladies. I tried to justify keeping the shirt and considered how many times I would wear the shirt and maybe I could just not hug the boys all the way around that day.
I wasn’t happy to put this back into the return shipment, either. 🙁

Laila Jayde Savannah Dolman Top $38
Made in the USA for the win! This is a versatile top for the weekends. The green is a great color for me. And it’s only the 2nd Dolman style top I have, so not overkill there. Totally kept this little gem.

Don’t forget to go to StitchFix and sign up. I get a small referral credit if you use my link so I’d greatly appreciate if you go about it that way. Nothing major, but help a sister out with her sick addiction. 😉